Concrete Garden Art – Stepping Stones

This is the pathway through the shade garden

A few years ago a friend and I took a class on making concrete leaf castings.  It turned out to be fun and easy.  Another friend showed me a wonderful path he had made with concrete stepping-stones with leaf imprints.  It was so wonderful that I have brought that idea to our yard (on steroids!)  in several variations.  This area has stones imprinted with hostas, ligularias and podophyllums.  It is so wonderful to have what used to be a muddy path transformed into an attractive path where we enjoy walking all year and our shoes stay clean.  We liked how this path turned out so well that now I am making about 30 more for another section of path we are developing.   Now I am teaching others how to make them.   Check out the link to the molded stepping stone.  It turned out very well and I will be making many more.