Welcome to ourhomeinthewoods,

A little about us, well, me (my husband prefers to remain anonymous)

We live in the pacific northwest at the bottom of a mountain in the Snoqualmie Valley.  I am a wife, mother and nana to an incredible little girl.

As teens my (then boyfriend) and I had always been drawn to the mountains. It was often where we went for long drives, picnics, to explore the woods or just to enjoy the scenery.

Flash forward twenty-five years, two grown boys, and it’s time for a new adventure, though some might call it a ‘midlife crisis’.  In 1999 we bought 10 acres in the area we had so loved as teens and began the adventure of planning and building our house and gardens. We are not experts. We are very enthusiastic amateurs. We have learned a lot, had many successes and some setbacks. Our goal has been to achieve high quality results with good materials and  do it yourself ‘sweat equity’.   Our gardens are a form of autobiography and this blog is my way of putting some of ours into words and pictures.   I hope to journal,  learn, and inspire the vast online community as they have for me.  Whenever I need an inspiration or some education there is always a blogger to teach or inspire me.  There are so many amazing gardeners, cooks, and makers willing to share their knowledge.

I will be sharing my experiences & experiments with ornamental gardening, food gardening, unusual plant collecting, garden art projects, some home projects, chicken keeping and more.