Baby Bunny

Baby Bunny
bunnies in the garden mean trouble for plants!

This ‘cute’ little rabbit is one of many that eat our gardens every year. When my flowers and hosta leaves start showing up on the ground because these evil little creatures found their stems ‘tasty’, well, let’s just say that having hawks, weasels, bobcats and coyotes around doesn’t seem so bad. 😉


Bird Cage as Garden Art adds Interest & Protects Plants

Here’s a great idea to keep the bunnies, deer & elk from dining on your favorite plants.20120516-114523.jpg

Find an old birdcage, of any kind,  the more interesting the better.

  • Paint it if you want.  ( a can or two of a good quality of spray paint )
  • Take the bottom out, then place it over your plants!

This cage is an interesting and attractive way of protecting a compass plant ( Silphium laciniatum ).  Last year we never saw a full leaf.  It’s two years old and has 3 leaves now that it’s no longer fine dining for the bunnies.