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from RE-CYCLE to UP-SCALE Useful Garden Art

A few weeks ago I stopped at a garage sale and picked up this metal barrier.  I was told that it was used as a barrier around a public sign at a park.  At the time I wasn’t sure how … Continue reading

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Up-cycled Mailbox garden storage

Great Garden Storage, where you need it…   wp.me/p2kNeQ-84

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Why not art in the chicken coop. It can be an important part of your landscape. Why not make it attractive by adding some artistic touches. Stained glass window – reused, recycled, up-cycled… from garage sale to the chicken coop! We’ve used this with other blue accents in this part of the garden.

This is the south side of the chicken coop (fortress) to see more check out ourhomeinthewoods@wordpress.com http://wp.me/p2kNeQ-by

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Bird Cage as Garden Art adds Interest & Protects Plants

Here’s a great idea to keep the bunnies, deer & elk from dining on your favorite plants. Find an old birdcage, of any kind,  the more interesting the better. Paint it if you want.  ( a can or two of … Continue reading

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Garden Art – Molded Concrete Stepping Stone

This was an experiment in molded concrete stepping stone, that turned out well! I’ve done lots of other concrete stepping stones but this is the first time putting it into this kind of mold.  I don’t know what the mold … Continue reading

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Garden Art from bowling balls

I love an opportunity to make something ‘throw away’ into something that can be not only usable but interesting and attractive.  (I found these at garage sales for $3.00 – $5.00) The rich color of this red bowling ball adds … Continue reading

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A Well Planned Kitchen Garden… what to consider

Thinking about a kitchen garden… What is a ‘kitchen garden’?   That seems to be the buzz word for what we used to call the vegetable garden.   It’s a bit more inclusive, I guess, I’m calling our garden a ‘kitchen garden’ … Continue reading

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Vegetable Gardening Again

Last summer we started planning and building a ‘real’ fruit and vegetable garden for the first time since we moved to this property in 2000.   We have some ‘issues’ related to growing food (or anything) where we live.  We are positioned … Continue reading

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