Outstanding Shade Garden Perennial – # 2

Hosta 'Striptease'
Hosta ‘Striptease’

HOSTAS – Easy to Grow, Lots of Variety!


They come in an amazing array of colors, patterns & sizes.

I’ve been growing them for about 20 years. When we moved out to our home in the woods, where there are huge shady areas, we have really increased the number of varieties as well as the number of plants.

What they need:

Partial (early morning or very late afternoon sun) to bright shade. Hint: keep the blue varieties out of the sun, it causes the waxy coating that is the blue color to melt away. Ours are in moist soil most of the time, not soggy, but moist. They are very cold hardy.

Use them in pots or in the ground. They are impressive in large clumps, borders or alone.

Pests; these can be a favorite of slugs in very damp weather, I have also had problems with deer, I will throw a light net over the top from time to time to discourage them.

Add some hosta’s to your garden, Have some fun!