rheum tanguticum5wm
rheum tanguticum, with bloom spike over 6 feet tall
sunrise coming over the mountain
back yard9
back yard south west side garden that borders the woods
back yard1
back yard north west side garden that borders the woods
front gardens2
front gardens, closest to the house
back - epimediums, hydrangeas
small bed bordering the woods, featuring epimediums, hydrangeas, hellebores and an un-named rhododendron that we brought from our last house
back yard10
back border garden that peeks into a small garden room behind a fallen log, that features a large birdbath and 3 vertical growing yews
front yard garden wm
part of the front entry area garden
back yard2
back, south west woodland border garden, featuring blue hostas, all gold Japanese forest grass, brunnera ‘jack frost’, unknown pulmonaria, primula, dogwood, Japanese maples, dove tree, toad lily and more
back yard3
back yard south west woodland border garden features brunnera – ‘hadspen cream, dawson’s white, macrophylla, climbing hydrangea, astillbes, fernleaf buckthorn, Japanese maple.
monarda ‘raspberry wine’, black lace elderberry, white phlox
mountain view from the back yard
autumn north side
north garden in the autumn
back yard6
back garden perennial path
autumn front
front garden around that old growth spruce, in the autumn
back yard8
back garden, ferns, hydrangeas, astilbe, hostas, pulmonaria
autumn back
back garden red leaf maple in autumn
north side1
north side shade garden, hostas and ferns
back yard4
back bed shade garden, primulas, hostas, hydrangeas
back yard5
shade path, ligularias, ferns podophyllums
back yard7
black lace elderberry, hosta ‘sum & substance’
north side
north side shade garden
back yard
back yard, red maple, hosta ‘strip tease’
autumn, stewartia monodelpha
autumn, stewartia monadelpha
garden tour
autumn in the front yard



concrete stepping stones with leaf impressions that match the perennials along the shade garden path
concrete stepping stones with leaf impressions that match the perennials along the shade garden path

Small Space Garden Update…

Well, it’s been several months and we have the hope of harvesting some fruit from this small bed.

The columnar apple tree ‘north pole’ is fruiting. There are a lot of little apples on this small tree.

The second photo shows all the strawberries that are fruiting around the apple tree, in this small section. (there are over a hundred strawberries in the other garden spaces)

The pot is containing 3 kinds of mint. We are keeping them here rather than the herb garden because they are so invasive.

Soon we will be eating strawberries, ( if we can beat the animals to them.)

The weather has been very, very, very wet for the last month or so. The warm weather crops are growing very slowly. Slugs are fat and happy.