Prunella ‘Summer Daze’ – An Unusual Pretty Pink Perennial

Our garden is at it’s best in the early to mid spring. We have been needing to add summer color and have been focusing on adding plants with foliage interest and summer bloomers.

prunella 3
Prunella ‘Summer Daze’


US Plant Patent #19,609

I bought this cute little flowering perennial from Far Reaches Farm, Summer of 2013 for $10.00. I have never seen it for sale anywhere else. I planted it in partial sun in an area that takes a fair amount of abuse, by the dog chasing his ball, by bunnies, deer and elk all looking for fodder. It sat quietly all winter and sprang back to life this spring and is now in full bloom. The leaves are green and oak shaped.

flower bud
flower bud

The flower buds are an interesting are odd-shaped affair with a dark burgundy – black whirls with tiny white hairs where the bright pink spikes of hooded blooms will emerge. The buds add an interesting texture to this plant even before the vibrant blooms spring out.

The ‘summer daze’ originated In the United Kingdom. It’s a hybrid herbaceous perennial resulting from the cross between Prunella grandiflora and Prunellalaciniata. It will bloom in from late spring until first frost, producing dense spikes of rosy purple blooms.

Flower Close up
Flower Close up
Oak leaf type foliage
Oak leaf type foliage

CULTURE: this plant grows well in sunny or partially shady areas. It also doesn’t seen to be too fussy about watering. It hasn’t received more than anything rainwater since I planted it in summer or 2013. I gave it 1st season protection from animals, by putting a birdcage over it. I don’t know yet if the animal pests will eat it. It is said to be deer ‘resistant’ I’m always a bit skeptical about that claim because the deer and elk that travel our yard don’t seem to read the same ‘deer resistant’ plant charts that I read. ‘Summer daze’ seems pretty sturdy. It clumps neatly and would be suitable in pots or in the garden. Rows of them would be stunning in a border garden!

It is said to be hardy to a zone 4 (-30). It had no problem getting through 8 degrees last winter. It can be propagated by tip cuttings however a license is required – I don’t know how easy it is, I haven’t tried it, yet.

Pacific Northwest Native Foxglove (digitalis)
Pacific Northwest Native Foxglove (digitalis)

The color of the prunella blooms tie in beautifully with the native digitalis that volunteer in our garden.

I think this is a perennial that is definitely worth growing.


One thought on “Prunella ‘Summer Daze’ – An Unusual Pretty Pink Perennial

  1. Very nice, hey swing by sometime if you need some Stonecrop Sedum or some Torch Lily (Kniphofia ) Just let me know so I’ll have them dug up for you. Dan

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