Rhododendron ‘ruby parasol’

It’s funny how many times you can walk past something then one day you actually SEE it.  That’s what happened when I walked through the garden today.   Rhododendron ‘ruby parasol’ is an attractive little background shrub in our garden.  We’ve had it for several years, but admittedly, I have never really paid attention to it, it was just there.  This year it has distinguished itself and made me notice why we selected it and the very reason it was named ‘ruby parasol’.

Rhododendron 'ruby parasol'
Rhododendron ‘ruby parasol’

This is a very young plant, as rhodies go.  It has put on a lot of new growth this year and that is what makes it so interesting.  The new growth emerges with  a thick coating of gray velvety hairs and a blush of ruby color,  before it fades to

a typical rhododendron leaf, later in the season.  It’s a subtle evergreen beauty.  I think the flowers are a medium pink, but I honestly don’t remember for sure.  While writing this post, I searched it online and couldn’t find this particular variety.  I don’t remember where we bought it.  It’s been about 3 years ago and I can’t always remember what I had for breakfast.  😉

It’s one of the ‘bones’ of the garden, quietly giving structure, shape and character to the garden all year.  Today, it’s my favorite.


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