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Kale is covered in Aphids, so what’s good about that… August 28, 2012

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So… the kale is getting older, a bit past it’s prime.  I’ve been dehydrating it as I have had time, and pulverizing the dehydrated kale to use in soups and stews over the fall and winter.

Whenever I have kale leaves that are not of ‘human food quality’ these go to the chickens.  They go wild for kale.  It’s like ice cream!  What could be  better than kale for the chickens?  Chickens love bugs!  lots of bugs.  Kale covered in aphids is like the hot chocolate fudge on a really good vanilla ice cream.


Aphids – For years I have considered aphids a pest that diminished my harvest and damaged my plants.  I guess it’s true, ‘one mans trash is another’s treasure.   Those pesky aphids are an incredible taste sensation, so it seems!

Making good use of aphids….

Yet another reason why everyone should have a few chickens!  ;-)

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