Garden Art, Garden Jewelry

 Have fun and use your imagination when adding art to your garden.

This a fun little piece of jewelry.  I used a pin like this, right out of my jewelry box when we were tiling our shower 10 years ago.   I have always liked it and found this frog pin online a few months ago.

I bought it specifically to set into the concrete garden beds we were building.

There are so many ways you could use things like this.   What’s in your jewelry box?  Take a look and Have fun!

About ourhomeinthewoods

I am a wife, mother and nana to an amazing little girl! My husband and I have been working on a huge DIY project for since 1999 and for the foreseeable future. A great house and garden on almost 10 acres in the beautiful, scenic Snoqualmie Valley in the Pacific Northwest. We are very enthusiastic amature gardeners and do-it-yourselfers. We also try to balance great results with great economy, or in other words, we love saving money. The more we save, the more we can spend on more great plants!
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