the Ultimate Organic Free Range Sustainable Weed & Feed

At our home in the woods, weed and feed is a process, not a product. In addition to the 100% soy free, natural, sustainably and regionally grown, non-GMO, whole grain, feed that is packaged in compostable paper bags made from sustainable tree farms , that are printed with plant-based, biodegradable ink, (whew… that was a mouthful), we supplement our chickens diet with WEEDS. Our weeds are also 100% soy free, natural, sustainably and regionally grown, non-GMO, and un-fortunately for us, they are in constant and endless supply year round, and BONUS… they often have bugs or worms on them! 😉 (I think they eat healthier than we do)

Our chickens are only allowed supervised ‘free range‘ for their own protection. (see photo below.. ‘bob’cat tore the top open and ate 11 chickens last spring)

That’s why they are now living in the (almost finished) ‘chicken compound.’

So they are not out all the time. Supplementing with weeds not only makes them very happy, but reduces the amount of the very expensive 100% soy free, natural, sustainable…. feed that we buy for them. How about that? Now instead of an unattractive reminder that we haven’t (and never will) finish the yardwork, I’m trying to trick myself into believing that all those pesky weeds I see all around are a valuable resource. Those 6 feathered composters will turn those weeds into manure for the compost and provide us with healthy beautiful eggs.

It’s perfect! I WEED, THEY FEED! Win – Win!

Just one more reason for having chickens!


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