First Harvest! Yeah!!!

20120519-225831.jpgLook close at all the wonderful kale in all it’s glory, ready to harvest. It’s in the shadiest part of the garden. (these were starts I bought about a month ago)

Here is a link to the selfsufficientgardener website and podcast. I love listening to this podcast while I work in my yard. It doesn’t always apply to what I do, but I learn a lot and am often inspired to do something in a new way, like grow vegetables in the shade!

First Harvest:

6 oz of salad greens

red russian kale

dinosaur kale

arugula sorrel

red oak leaf lettuce


flashy troutback lettuce

buttercrunch lettuce

harvested greens with strawberries, banana, avocado and raspberry vinegrette and walnuts! Yum

About ourhomeinthewoods

I am a wife, mother and nana to an amazing little girl! My husband and I have been working on a huge DIY project for since 1999 and for the foreseeable future. A great house and garden on almost 10 acres in the beautiful, scenic Snoqualmie Valley in the Pacific Northwest. We are very enthusiastic amature gardeners and do-it-yourselfers. We also try to balance great results with great economy, or in other words, we love saving money. The more we save, the more we can spend on more great plants!
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